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Set for sticking puzzles on the wall

17.90 EUR

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The puzzle mounting kit for the wall is a great addition for those who love to assemble puzzles and want to preserve the results of their hard work. The kit includes one sheet of mounting film and another sheet of double-sided adhesive backing measuring 560*400 mm.

The mounting film is designed to fix the entire puzzle after it has been assembled.

The double-sided adhesive backing is used to securely attach the assembled puzzle to the wall or other vertical surface. Simply cut the required size of the adhesive backing, remove one protective layer, stick it to the back of the puzzle, and then attach it to the wall. Now the completed puzzle will adorn your interior like a work of art. One kit is enough for one large puzzle (L), or two medium ones (M), or four small ones (S).

Box Size: 420*63*60 mm
The size of the assembled model: 560*420 mm (the size of the tape) based on 1L=2M=4S
Number of parts: 2 (1 mounting film for transferring the puzzle to tape + 1 double-sided tape)
Package weight: 200 g


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